Looking for void knight endgame build


I’m currently level 88 and I’m looking for a nice build.

I tried warpath with erasing strike for leveling, but the damage output was not ass great.

The I tried following build

Erasing Strike with Void cleave. Damage was fine, but cool down was my problem. On empowered echos I died alot.

Currently I’m trying this build

Healing hands with Lunge

But I’m not able to deal alot of damage, just on 58 echos I’m on problems with my damage.

I have equiped eye of reel already.

But on skills I’m mostly on 20 of 24.

Which build you can recommend?

Plenty of builds there. Also a few on maxroll. They might give you some ideas.


Can you tell me, how I reech this low cooldawn times for erasing strike builds?

I haven’t tried VK yet. My advise would be to check the builds that use it and see if there’s any comment on it or how they deal with that.
Otherwise, I’m sure that more mechanically savvy players like @Llama8 can help you with that.

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Is mana an issue? If it is I’d probably take Timelost Wisdom out from VR & put the point elsewhere (Catching up for more movement speed for example). Or you could take the chanelling node in HH & ignore attack speed altogether though that would probably work better as a Pally as you’d be missing out on the echo mechanic VK has. If you could replace your main hand with attack speed rather than cast speed, that’d be good.

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Mana is not the issue, the damage output is my current problem.

This my current build

Have you tried the devouring orb build (link below)? I’m running it so far with over 200 corruption and it’s holding up pretty well.

Hello here. I tryed a lot of builds of Sentinel and (to me) VK Rive its the best and more fun!
It’s not that hard to get some high dps with Rive. Rigth now, I’m on 1036 Corruption without any problem.


Can you please share your build?

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For sure. Its not that great but I hope it help you: just go for the 4 nodes to increase MORE dmg and Foe Cleaver with double the potential of 2h Weapons.


Take a look at the following build:
You can simply start out with 2H Axe or 2H Sword and later migrate to Apathy Maw and then craft a legendary one:

You will sustain mana with Void Well and your erasing strike won’t have a cooldown.

Its not my build, but there is also a video of the creator killing T4 Julra quite smoothly and Orobyss on 1000 Corruption.

It’s a really fun play-style!

Thx this is my current build. I’m trying. I already found both rings and body armor. But no luck with the other ones.

No Problem!

One more Update, as he has updated his build and added a build guide:

// His current Gear

// Video Show_Case - bonking Julra in 20sec

I am still struggling myself to find a good Axe and other upgrades, I am playing CoF.

Yo it’s my build!

I can confirm that this build is super fun and very capable. I was able to reach 1500 corruption with it.

I don’t think I’m going to climb any higher though. Getting tougher to survive. Shade of Orobyss can one-shot me from full with his regular melee attack lol.