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Looking for the download link

i didn’t find the download link on website.did i missed the alpha test ?


The download links are being posted exclusively on our community Discord.

Here‘s the invitation to join it. :slight_smile:

tyvm !

@sarno is there a reason why this info isnt posted right on the front page while the pre alpha is open to everyone? My own experience it took me quite some time and effort to find this information here on the forum. I went through the website, wiki, email confirmation… i was determined to find it basically due to the critical’s recent youtube vid lol. Point being. Others might not be as such.

well then the waiting game begins…

My answer, I suppose, is we want to be clear that while we do make a demo available for testing and feedback, we’re not yet at the stage of having a 1.0 client for an official launch. We’re super grateful to everyone who’s interested enough to try the game out and let us know what they think, but there’s some other people who - like you said - wouldn’t make the effort to find it. They’re probably less interested overall and prone towards giving us a single chance to offer them a polished, well-developed experience which they’re either impressed by, or they’re not.

Restricting the download to our Discord server allows us to;

  • Make our demo available for the people who really want to find it.
  • Have it be slightly out of the way so folks understand we're not "finished" yet.
  • Delay the first impression some players - you could think of them either as having less overall interest in the genre, being more casual players, or whatever - have of our game.
While some players love having the chance to test new, unfinished content in games there are also those who are pretty intolerant of any technical issues, placeholders, or aspects of a game that otherwise lack polish. Some would say we're trying to have things both ways - which is, perhaps, not unfair. But I'd probably phrase it more as us trying to offer people a choice. :)


Edit: Removed some redundant text because it was redundant.

Welp, those sound like really good reasons… :slight_smile: Headed to discord

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