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Looking for the 411 section?

In particular information on each of the developers. Who are the moderator(s)? Forum rules? I know it’s early and not many are interested in such topics, but it’s nice to have a section on the forum containing this general info.

So I have to apologise; March has been a very busy month for me both academically and with work - and a brief hospital stay hasn’t helped, either. Starting around mid-April I should have more time on my hands, and this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been meaning to tackle.

While we’re talking about it, is there anything in particular you’re interested in? I’m happy to make a note of specific details you’d like to see included for when I’m working on this.

Currently the moderators are myself and Myrnak.

Hey Prometheus - A meet the team page is something we eagerly are wanting to create and will have done prior to Kickstarter - we know it’s important. Check back soon!

Hi guys. Unexpected to see such a quick reply. Very welcomed. As to what I think people would like to see on the 411 page. A pic of said person (real or avatar, with real prefered), title, currently working on/ in charge of, background, previous experience and any other games might have worked on, games previously played/ enjoyed and or inspired. Random questions to each team member such as favortie movie, book, quote, character, etc., what are you playing now? And what are you most looking forward to seeing in last epoch? In other words questions that create topics relevant to the audience of the game and create ongoing conversation pieces and interest in the forum and the game.


So, a quick update.

A Meet The Team page is under active construction. We’re amassing photos, thinking of witticisms, and trying to make sure that the page itself looks nice.

I won’t personally have time to work on setting out official rules of the forum for at least another week or two. I am very sorry about this. While writing (and stickying) a thread with some common sense rules may not sound like it would take a prohibitive amount of time, it does entail a certain amount of work behind the scenes.

First, we need to think of the actual list of rules we’ll post. We would need to agree on various factors such as how severely we’d view each particular rule being broken, how an individual’s history may factor into suspension duration, and a general approach to take to people who do things not explicitly mentioned in the thread - and let me be clear; it isn’t feasible to think of literally every possible scenario ahead of time. People deserve to feel like they will be treated the same regardless of who is moderating them, and that means a bit of coordination on our end.

Until now it has been a case of spambots being permabanned on sight, with a handful of us being around to make judgement calls on the fly if needed - and thus far, it hasn’t been. I think I speak for the team when I say we’d prefer to be slightly slower doing this and get it right, than racing something out the door only to have problems we’d need to fix down the line.

Sorry for the delay.

No apologizes needed :slight_smile: The delay is fine. It is great that you all are thinking of all these things as you move forward with the numerous projects/ tasks on hand to create a finished game and that is really what is to be expected/desired at this point. Thank you!

I think the followers/ readers of this forum can see that much thought (and effort) is already being put forth by everyone on the team. While there will always be some who will be impatient and sometimes unappreciative… in the end what people will remember is the finished product. I speak for myself and i’m sure quite a few more in that we ultimately want to see you guys succeed!

Appreciate your kindness. :slight_smile:

The forum rules have been posted.

The Meet The Team page is still being worked on. It’s nearly finished! :slight_smile:

very well done sir! I’m just … so excited to see all this coming together bit by bit. Great work!

Not as much information as you’d wanted, but we wanted it to look tidy. It’s possible we’ll tackle some of the other stuff in a dedicated thread on the forum, individual interviews, or so on.

while not as much information it definitely delivers! looks great! way better than anything I could have imagined. awesome job! larger team than I assumed as well :slight_smile:

I am going to try to see if I can do a few interviews where I ask people more in-depth questions about what they do, how they do it, why the started, and that kind of thing. No promises yet.

This mostly counts on people having free time, and during KickStarter that’s in short supply.

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