Looking for help solving mana issues warlock chaos bolts build

Hello! I’m currently running through monoliths running Chaos Bolts Build
I’m having difficulties managing my mana, with both rift down and manually casting chaos bolts my mana drops significantly faster than I can sustain it. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas solving this problem? My first personally crafted build so I’m just trying to optimize.

It took two seconds for me to see your problem. You picked the passives that greatly increase the cost of chaos bolts. That’s your problem.

Right, but they also increase the damage greatly. That’s why I’m trying to find another way to generate mana quickly and seeing if there’s possibly an item or affix that I’m not aware of that helps wtih that.

You also have the greatly increased cost passives in fissure. You are just killing yourself in cost and there’s not really going to be any way to fix that. While you do get more damage, you can’t spam it. That’s the trade off. Big spells either get big cooldown or big cost, or a little of both. If you want to spam stuff, you gotta go cheap. Often faster casting means DoT builds too.

The costs of your spells is just too great right now, that’s why you have problems.

Thanks for the help!

Another option is changing up your gameplay style. Pull packs and hit them all at once, that’s a good way to use fissure anyway. Then you aren’t casting as often.

Yeah that’s mostly what I’ve been doing, gathering up packs casting spirit plague and letting fissure do the work. Was looking if maybe there was a unique that dealt with mana a little better but couldn’t find anything.

Yeah I had to go back and remove points from the auto-chaos bolt passive. Then as my mana regen got better I added them back in.