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Looking for feedback on my Forge Guard voidcleave character

When the sentinel re work came in, i decided to make a forge guard to go for a physical damage character. I landed on using multistrike to buff up & damage and void cleave. It works fine, but i find the damage is a bit lack luster in the lvl 100 monoliths. Wondering if there’s something I should re work with my character. Forge Guard, Level 91 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner

There are a few things that could probably be adjusted to make this build perform better…

Just off the top of my head and a very brief look at your build plan:

  1. You could use more flat damage - your normal increases and crit focus provide an ok level of % increase but your weapon is only providing about 100 flat damage - at level 91 you could have that well over 150 flat damage very easily (just from having a better base item) which would increase your dps substantially. Ideally I find that you need about 800%+ increased damage of whatever choice you want and at least 200 flat damage to really enjoy empowered monoliths (and push corruption). Lots of ways to mess around with this - lose some here, but gain more elsewhere type approach… It may need some back of a napkin calcs to see where you could get more offensively.

  2. Having things like 3% block in your Ring of Shields is probably not worth it unless you invest in more block generally (which is harder on 2h) - Layered defences are good but with such a low block damage mitigation you may find you would get better benefit elsewhere… Your Lunge setup is pretty meh but I suppose it depends on how you play it… You could play around with things and test other options to see

  3. Your health is low for a level 91… You should be 2k+ by now. You may want to use Tunks EHP calc to see what your effective health is with all defences active - it gives a good way to see where defence layers would provide the most benefit - e.g. is it better to get more armour or block efectiveness or even endurance threshold… EHP Calculator

  4. Not sure on Forge Strike… seems like an afterthought skill… perhaps something else might work better with your setup… perhaps even Javelin for the healing & armour boosts within melee range - maybe even the dash feature?

  5. You dont seem to be taking advantage of attributes like Strength - boosts your armour and damage scaling… 20 seems low…

Anyway… I think for your question, offensive dps, is a question of flat damage and weighing what will give you more where…

Thanks! I use forge strike for the bit of damage buff i get after using it. However I realize it’s not a lot. I did consider javaline with the battle standard, but given i haven’t invested in attunement, it didn’t seem worthwhile.

Ill work on trying to get health up, as well as + dmg.

Can i ask what the rolls are on your Odachi? Tunks just gives the ranges. Did the base Crit dmg roll upwards of 170%? The weapons is pretty sick, and if the less crit damage taken was higher, the weapon would be pure sex for my style lol. Really curious about your weapon.

Are there any other weapon bases you’d take? The Last Laugh unique sword might look sweet. I really don’t know how much dps you lose if you drop the Odachi’s intrinsic, though. Nice FG though! Might reopen my knight!

edit: Grammar

Nah crit multi is 132%. +47 melee phys for the implicit