Longsword vs Dawn Blade

Range 2.2m
Base attack rate 1.08
+50 Melee Damage
Requires Level: 50

Dawn Blade
Range 1.9m
Base attack rate 1.2
+48 Melee Damage
Requires Level: 75

So, the higher level weapon has a lower damage base and range, but attacks 0.12% faster.

Seems… underwhelming compared to the differences between level 50 and 75 weapons of other types.

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If you scale off attack speed (any skill that gets faster animation with attack speed) is a lot more speed, as the speed of the sword acts as the base speed.

Having said that, yes, the sword is a bit underwhelming being the “ultimate sword” regarding bases.

I bet is a dev overlook, as you could see in many other weapon types, the two or three last ones have usually very good implicits paired with them.

Yeah, that does look like it might have been an oversight. Either that or they added the speed and found that it did so much for damage that upping the base damage would’ve been too much?

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