Long time no see! Just here to say "now is the time."

Just my $.02 and I’m sure someone else has already said it, but juuuust in case…

PoE refugees are hungry for a multiplayer ARPG with trading; heard this game wasn’t going to allow trade BUT, seeing as how it isn’t released yet… Not too late to change your mind and hit a gold mine by putting those 2 things out ASAP (if possible). :smile:

That is all!

While I agree the timing would be nice it’s more important to deliver a good first impression rather then throwing a bare bone finished game on the market like an AAA studio :D.


They have never said that they won’t allow trade, they’ve just not decided what they want it to look like yet, they’ve gone through several iterations:

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Absolutely a fair point; I just wouldn’t put it past the team to have a lot more ready than we know about because they want to drop a biiiiiiig patch. :slight_smile:
I’ve been checking in time to time while playing other games but been waiting for a new class or something similarly huge before I come back to LE.

I’d missed this, glad to see you’re still hard carrying as the LE encyclopedia Llama. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the links I’ll check 'em out!

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Not for 0.9.

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