Long-range bow builds for 1.1!

As someone who failed miserably at making their own bow build for 1.0, I’m curious to see what other people are thinking in terms of starting as a rogue focused on long-range bow skills. Anything ranging (haha, get it?) from complete build guides to just throwing out theories are welcome!

Personally I’m considering trying to go for bleeds this time since I have a soft spot for DoT’s, but I haven’t yet decided on how to go about this. I’m excited to hear your plans and thoughts, happy league start!

I find its easier to spec for poison then bleed, as poison self boosts its own pierce stat and is a common stat on affixes and low lvl uniques which are easy to get in 4lp. Bleed is harder as a lot of it scales poorly with less affixes and gear (with a bow).

Easiest bow build to run is the cold damage bow that is very easy to get with runes of ascendance. They cost almost no prophecy to farm, and since they are not faction locked, you just change to MG after you dropped the runes, to ensure the item is not cof tagged.

In simple terms. Use cof juice to run ascendance rune farming. Switch to MG. Use runes on any weapon. Keep doing it. Go find a egg. Give it to nemesis. Empower nemesis twice. Profit