Long list of bugs present since launch

Here’s a list of bugs I’ve encountered since patch 1.0/ launch of the game. Some you may have fixed already and I haven’t been able to verify. But I know the majority are still present (I encounter regularly), and some are quite severe. I will preface some with the word “severe” to let you know that a bug is a big problem and should be top priority of bugs to fix. I’m putting bugs I have video or photo evidence of at the top. I started playing Laste Epoch in october 2021, that’s over 2 years ago (relevent for some of my comments below).

In my opinion, bug fixing should be top priority for the company right now. Followed closely by implementing small QOL and UI improvements (I made a post on this before, and will make a new one with more shortly since it has closed)

  1. Severe photos Quest Sidebar is broken. It has been broken since I started playing

  2. Severe photos Elements of the game are cut off at the edges of the screen. Very problematic, especially for merchant’s guild as you can’t see your favour and part of leftmost items are cut off. I had to choose the other guild just because of this reason. My screen’s native res is 1920 x 1200, and it’s set like that in game. If I lower it by 1 in game, it fixes the issue, but everything looks way worse. Been broken since started playing.

  3. photo When you click on a quest in the overworld map, it doesn’t always bring you to the correct location.

  4. photo Ward is not displayed correctly on the panel that appears when you hover mouse over hp globe.

  5. photo The text you get at the beginning of the dungeon is messed up for some.

  6. photo The icon for dungeon mechanics persists after leaving the dungeon. This is okay for the Soulfire Bastion Dungeon, since you can use those souls if you return (idk if this was even intended by devs), but it shouldn’t be there for the other dungeons.

  7. vid & photo Animations of enemy attack effects persist on the battlefield. Seems to affect circular area effects.

  8. photo Fall of Ledia quest is bugged, or need optimization. This is a quest in one of the monoliths. Going to where the map indicates doesn’t progress you.

  9. photo In the temple of Eterra, the quest markers are messed up.

  10. photo Menu bar shows incorrect hotkey for “factions”.

  11. Severe photo When you can press alt to open a secondary tooltip (usually to see an associated skill), the second tooltip is always blocked by the first one. Bug has existed since I started played.

  12. photo When comparing two items (with ctrl+alt), the ranges of one of the items will be off (it will copy ranges from the other item). I’ve only had this bug after launch.

  13. Severe video Prophecies that require you to kill Julra are bugged. You do not receive the reward for killing her. I had this happen to me twice (and I haven’t tried again since). It might have something to do with being in a different time zone than her at her moment of death

  14. photo Similar to 12, when comparing blessings at the time of getting a new one, one will show incorrect ranges (again copying the other).

  15. Sometimes I can’t close the questbar on the right. Clicking the + button just moves my character.

  16. Sometimes small enemy health bars don’t show up (small bars above head, you should see one above each enemy if the setting is enabled). I have not noticed this bug in a while.

  17. Sometimes large enemy “health bars + name + status” don’t show up (the large one which is one at a time, for what enemy you are hovering mouse over)

  18. Once I died to the boss in the temple of Heorot (replicating ice guys). When I respawned, the boss was gone and I could continue to the next area. This wasn’t a case of me dying and the boss dying shortly after from DOT. The boss wasn’t even close to dead.

  19. “Bone Armour” node for “Summon Skeleton” skill doesn’t work. Or, it may work, but there is no indication. No icon showing you have the buff.

  20. Profane Veil is supposed to end when you release the key. If you hold for 1 sec and release, it will continue the skill (while you’re not holding it). There is a sweet spot for when this happens. If you play around with it enough, you will recreate the bug.

  21. Severe. Randomly all of a sudden your hotkeys will stop working so you can’t play the game. It can happen anytime, even in the middle of a boss fight (which it sadly did to me)

  22. The first time you arrive in Thetima, there’s a quest to find a sailor to take u to the island. If you just talk to the one you’re supposed to, after the quest is done, the other guys still have quest markers and they don’t go away (until you quit the game and come back in).

  23. Propane Form node of Profane Veil does not reduce the duration. Also, the node says “up to a maximum”, but doesn’t state what the maximum is (if it did work).

  24. Once, the shrine that drops scorpions did nothing when i touched it (didn’t drop the scorpions)

  25. In loot filter, “Volatile zombie dmg and explosion area” affix is not assigned under the correct category (should be acolyte idol, not acolyte)

  26. Emphasized items on the ground (from loot filter), don’t always show correctly (they show as a box without name). Bug has existed since I started playing.

  27. The chat box randomly opens without you pressing enter or someone saying anything. I also play with the chat disabled and this will happen.

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