Logitech Lightsync and keybindind


Feature you implement : Last Epoc is using Logitech lightsync (my version : G815.131.2.18) in order to change keyboard keys color. This is working.

Little bug : if you change your keybinding in Last Epoc (I’m french, so I change Q<=>A and W<=>Z), key coloring is not sent properly to Logitech lightsync (I have QWER lighted on instead of AZER)

This is not a major issue, game is working perfectly


Welcome to the forum…

Thanks for reporting this.

The RGB lighting function was added recently so it doesnt work perfectly…

Please be aware that it does cause problems with older versions of the LG software and possibly older devices/firmware. Sometimes these problems can actually cause the game to crash - e.g. if you are using Linux OS.

I am glad you say that you are not having problems with the game while trying to use it… If you do notice the game doing something odd, please disable this feature temporarily to see if it affects anything.

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