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Loging pass / Char Select


The login pass not saving and you have to relog for character change.

I’m not sure if this is a bug so much as something not having been done yet.

We do plan to improve this, but I can’t offer an ETA.

Oh ok thanks!

Currently we’re looking at a seperate option to return to a character select screen and bypass the login screen, however that will need to go through extensive QA before we can release it.

Moving out of Bug Reports.

Would be interested in input from others on how soon they’d like to see us work on something like this. (Please bear in mind time spent on this is time not spent on other stuff.)

This would be something I’d definitely appreciate having, I think I’m up to 8 characters at the moment to try different builds. Having a less cumbersome character select would certainly incentivize me to swap between characters or make even more when I find an upgrade or interesting item. But I’d rather this be put on the back-burner so not take from your time for implementing other in-game elements.

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I’m with @VoodooVirus on this. I only have 3 characters but it’s annoying enough to switch them around as is. But yea, this is an annoyance, hard to pass up content for this QoL for now I think xD

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It’s an annoyance for sure, have 7 characters at the moment, but it’s nothing that needs to be prioritized in my opinion.

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Would much rather have things like maps not resetting when leaving the area etc:) Also Nerf Rare Wraith binders please;)

This is a minor thing.

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