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Login stuck when switching characters often?

Operating System:
Windows 10

Detailed description:
I was cleaning/deleting some characters from before the 0.60 patch and in doing so I had to logout/login repeated to switch between them; I was saving some of the gear and taking note of the builds I had already tried. I’m sure this will clear up as I’m going to just take a break, but currently when I try to login it just sits at the login screen (which displays “Please Wait”) for over 5 minutes. I haven’t let it continue longer than that as I would assume any login attempts are timed out by that point anyway.

What were you doing at the time?
Logging in and logging out several times within a few minutes.

How consistently does this happen?
Since this started, it is happening ever time i attempt to login. Going to take a break for a while and hopefully this gets cleared up. – fingers crossed –

Apologies for the inconvenience!

We recently made changes to how our backend handles user authentication, and there’s been a few bugs that we’re attempting to better understand so that we can resolve them.

When you get a chance, please try;

  • Using your account name instead of your e-mail address
  • Changing the password associated with your account

I was able to login after taking a break. Could really use a ‘Logout out to Character Select’ option so this isn’t an issue.

That is something we’ve been working on internally.

It’ll need to be extensively QA’d before we can release it, however.

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