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Logged onto an alternate steam account, played Last Epoch there, swapped back, characters not linked?

Hi, i was under the impression character data was saved with my Last Epoch account, and not with my steam account. Is there a way to re-link steam accounts or transfer the data over? I really don’t want to give up my progress i made on the alt-steam account.

Welcome to the forums.

No data is currently stored on any account directly. Steam Cloud simply makes a backup to the cloud for you but its not really linked to EHG - i.e. its a dumb backup nothing more and EHG has no access to it. Obviously if you use a different Steam Account, you will have a different set of saves.

All your savegames are actually stored on your local drive:

On windows thats in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

You can copy these and backup them however you would like to. You could even move them to allow you to play on another Steam Account with the same saves or on an entirely different system alltogether. You can use these saves to play on the non-steam standalone client too.

When version 0.9 patch drops, everyone will have the opportunity to create new characters on the official EHG online servers. These saves will then no longer be local and will be unique to your EHG account. You will have no physical access to them (i.e. cannot copy them) and the offline saves and online saves will be 100% independant of each other.

Linking Steam accounts to EHG accounts will obviously be more important once the online servers are used. To get EHG accounts linked or moved from one Steam account to another will require direct involvement of EHG and will likely require a Submit a request – Last Epoch Support.

Hope that explains things.

Thank you very much! I’ll just overwrite the save files with my alt account’s.
Noted on the Online aspect.

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