Logged into someone else's character

So I posted x.com but figured I would also mention it here. I don’t have much details/logs other than the two screenshots in the X post.

I logged into my account and selected my character. Once I logged in, I teleported to a different region and then out of nowhere, I was on someone else’s character? I was trying to figure out what the hell happened but then was disconnected ~10s after that.

I relogged in once again after being disconnected and everything seems to be working now. But that seems like a really bad issue re: somehow using someone else’s character.

I can provide more info like my Steam account. But here are the characters (might get more info by looking at your server logs).

  • My character name: ilikebugsII (Mage)
  • Someone else’s character that I saw/was using: Jean-Philippe (Druid)

Images can be found/viewed via x.com.

Looks like it happened again… This time I was sitting in a town and then all the sudden a loading screen initiated out of nowhere. After it completed loading, I was on someone else’s character. Added some images via x.com.

Seems like a serious issue if users are loading into random characters that don’t belong to them. This has happened twice now.