Loged in today and found my stash empty, and only had 600 gold


I logged in today, just to find out that my stash tab is empty and i lost all the gold i accumulated. I also lost all my affixe shards, runes and glyphs.
Note that this is only on my online character, and all the items and gold i have on stantards are still here.
There wasn’t any valuable items, just things i picked up during the campaign, but i am afraid this bug will happen again when i have more valuable items.
Is there a way to recover them ?

Thanks for the answer.


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This is worrisome. After the .9 patch my first ever offline character that I created 3 years ago was gone. If items and characters are both being randomly deleted that is a huge issue. How can people play the game with confidence that their time is not wasted?

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