Log In Disrupted by Bug

What went wrong?


I was attempting to log into Last Epoch. I was selecting a new Spellblade I spent the day leveling, and I got an “Infinite Loading Screen” when I attempted to teleport where I could interact with where ever the character is placed while they are attempting to move. It sounded like the Keeper’s Camp since background NPCs were talking about Etera when I could find and interact with them through the loading screen. I left the game after reporting it, and attempted to relog into the game on the same character. This prompted me to get the following screen where I can see chat, but I am unable to interact with it. I can see my inventory, but everything appears glitched and broken.

2024.03.10T00:42:00Z-05:00 Update

Got disconnected by the game’s natural code which brought me back to character select screen. I attempted to log in again, and got the same screen as the screen shot below. So the exception/crash is recurring on attempt to load character into the game. I will attempt to restart the game entirely now to see if this fixes the issue.

Log File

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Imgur Upload Link: https://imgur.com/e0ISVru
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