Locust Swarm visual doesn't go away and the icon for the buff duration is bugged

A couple things wrong with Locust Swarm:

  • The visual effect doesn’t disappear - it lasts basically forever. I can tell it stops dealing damage at some point and I have to refresh it, but the visual doesn’t go away.
  • The buff icon that shows your Locust Swarm stacks goes away very quickly

have same issue not even playing online

In my experience it continues to deal damage, and lasts for quite a while, but the buff icon disappears long before it expires. I’ve never had the visual effect last longer than it deals damage (personally)

What’s more is that the effect can stack, I must have had 8+ going at the same time and my gpu REALLY didn’t like it. Had to go to character select to get it to go away, but yes, the buff icon fades after about 1-2 seconds, but the damaging effect will stay on until you notice that it has stopped doing damage. It also just seems to randomly happen, I triggered the cutscene in maj’elka upper district and when I exited it I had the effect on me again. Cool ability but the visual bugs have me counting down to the time I can stop using it.

Running into the same issue. Locust Swarm visual persists whereas effect expires. Dislike having to restart the game after every monolith run to check if my Locust Swarm is actually active or not. Unsure what is causing the issue, but it seems to be connected to monoliths for me. Didn’t have the issue before.

I haven’t played a Monolith yet and this started happening to me today. Even going back to the main menu and reopening may offline character didn’t fix it. It seems that it’s related to using portals but I’m not sure.

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