Locking Corruption Level / Difficulty

While browsing Steam, stumbling over Last Epoch, and reading the Roadmap i realized that it goes like this with LE everytime i touch it.

Please keep in mind, i am just a casual player, nothing more.

I start a new char, having fun, grind may way through levels, still having fun.
I hit at some points empowering monos, still having fun.

Now, at some point i just stop having fun. Before, i just could mindless go from node to node, clear the map and do the next.

Now, it gets harder from map to map, i have to play more careful, i start to die more often, since corruption gets up and every next map i add more modifiers.

At some point i just stop playing because i lost the fun i had before.

Thats ok for alot players i guess. Personaly i would like to “adjust” the difficulty up to a “certain” point and then just lock it right there, before i start to move forward.

So, what i would like is some sort of button i can press, at which point i dont add more corruption or more affixes to a map, until i hit that button again.

Sure, loot chance, xp, drops etc. should “freeze” there also. I just want to be able to turn my brain off, and grind.

And yes, i still want to do empowered monoliths, unempowered monoliths are not really an option, because they get at some point just to easy.

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You have a node at the start, after killing the shade, that let’s you drop your corruption, so you can adjust the corruption to your liking. You don’t have to keep increasing it.

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I completely get what you’re experiencing. I left PoE for the exact same reason: game became a chore instead of fun.

Now, my experience here has been amazing, and as @DJSamhein pointed out, you control the corruption levels. So far, with my L80 Necro, I’ve only upgraded (1) map from the base level (about half-way through the echo quests). While it does get harder - as it should - I still don’t feel like I’m facing insta-death at any given moment, unless I do something stupid.

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What you describe will be much more towards how you like it with 1.0.

EHG will change corruption scaling so that the corruption itself will have much more impact on the diffculty instead of individual enemy modifiers.

This will smooth out the difficulty curve a lot and the difficulty of individual echoes will be a lot closer.