Lock overlay map position


Map overlay and the ability to change the scale/opacity AND re-position is an excellent idea. But the fact that switching between overlay and minimap (or loading new map) resets the position kinda negates it.

Would it be possible to either add a “lock position” OR add a separate shortcut to explicitly reset/re-center the overlay map? This would be very useful especially for the players with Ultra-Wide monitors (myself included) as there is plenty of the space on the sides where the overlay could reside.

How it works now:

  • Hitting TAB switches from minimap to overlay
  • Use arrows to reposition the overlay map
  • Hitting TAB re-centers the overlay map
  • Hitting TAB second times (while it is already centered) switches back from overlay map to minimap

Proposed behavior:

  • Hit TAB to switch from minimap to overlay map
  • Use arrows to re-position the overlay map
  • Hit TAB to switch from overlay map to minimap
  • Hit TAB again to switch from minimap to overlay map with the overlay being at the SAME position as it was set before (so switching between map and overlay would not auto-centers it)
  • Hitting SHIFT+TAB would recenter (reset) the overlay map position
  • Add a flip switch in settings “Automatically center the overlay map when opening”


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