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Lock Button (Or Similar) For Skill Bar (UI)

When I have to like teleport/transplant south and whenever I hover my mouse, it shows the tooltip of skills on my hotkey as well as HP/PP info and other things blocking the view. I sometimes click them by accident too when I want to just walk south. Sometimes I couldn’t make the most range of my teleport/transplant or any other mobility skills when I want to go south because I avoid hovering my mouse over the skill bar. So my suggestion is to have like a “lock” button next to it to prevent it from showing tooltip or accidentally clicking on it showing the rest of skills you have that you can put on it. So basically disable these if you have it “locked”. And just unlock it if you want to change them.

Or maybe something in the options to choose from different UI layout, although this requires more designing to work on the new UI and some coding to do. So, similar to other aRPGs where the HP and PP bar are at the lower left and lower right of the screen. Although doing this might still have the same problem I mentioned above.

I’m not a very hardcore player so this might be something only myself consider as a “problem”. And while I’m at this UI thing, I would like to add some more:

  • Make a slider to resize UI. (maybe up to 50% of its original size)
  • Map size option (on the upper right): the default one seems kinda too small for me, so would be nice to have maybe at least 3 different zoom levels for it. (Or some of you people would say that I should just use the TAB for the screen-wide map, but that’s kinda blocks my view too. I don’t personally like that kind way to view the map) or:
  • Make the map “zoom out” zoom it out even further (the “+/-” button on the upper right map) while maintaining its current window/ui size.

Thanks for reading.

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