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Locations that get stuck on movement

Unfortunately the pictures I took apparently can’t be uploaded

Lakeside trail - first staircase and to the left there is a wide open space between staircase and tent which character gets stuck when using movement skills like transplant and cannot escape without teleport

Occupied Heoborea Quest Echo - the section where you need to talk to someone up the area with stairs, the very end of the stairs at top has a small gap where you can get stuck with transplant

Frigid Hinterland - using shift I got stuck in the stone wall in center of map, wish I had pictures for this that worked

Broken Hills - not sure if this was fixed in 0.8.1 but using shift I would always get stuck in the “tree stumps”? I think they’re tree stumps, I stopped using s
hift on that map because it was a nightmare

Pics were auto permanently deleted when I realized they didn’t upload, so I took one near the wall where it happened, not the greatest pics I know is your friend.

It’s always good to have a llama around, I’ll throw them up when I get back off mobile.

Not sure if you forgot, but I have a video of the Lakeside Trail stairs.

Just uploaded some, thanks, had to retake one and haven’t come across them all again