Loading to new zone

wtf is this loading 4 minutes to each zone in game, really ?

is this being adressed or its suposed to be final version


Probably part of the ongoing bugs

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im not going to refund the game. its just annoying as hell

sure you have time to spend your skillpoints in the meantime :grinning:
but yeah, SSD drive shouldnt be a problem to load that long

Are you the same Zebedin in the D4 forums?

yes its me, just started trying the game

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Cool. I was able to play but loading screens in-between take longer to load than usual (pre 1.0)

20 chars

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so far so good

you maby know poisionous concoction from path of exile ?

im balling with this skill here (its on rogue) :smiley:

Yeah, it’s sporadic but takes a few minutes to zone. Just don’t accidentally move the wrong direction when you actually zone in or else you’re zoning again. :sweat_smile:

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oh yes i did this mistake once allready :smiley:
clicked back and loaded

do tell me, if the monsters reset from previous zone ?

Yeah I believe they always do. Even if you town portal it’ll reset once you get back. It also resets loot iirc.

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nice, now i only need to set up loot filter
i did to not show normal+magic items but its not working :smiley:

sorry for oftopic lol