Loading time in multiplayer

Playing online, if I play solo the loading time when going from an area to another (door or tp), the loading time is fine.
But if I play in multiplayer, there is an awkward long time where sometime a text on the screen says “entering …” but sometime the text doesn’t appear (diffence between using a door and using a tp?) then the loading screen appear, then I enter the next area. The player I play with encounter the same thing.

In solo, changing zone takes less than 10 sec.
In multi, it takes about a minute.
And sometime, in multi, I get stuck in the state where the game aknowledge I asked to change zone but the loading screen never appears (I then have to leave the game, and join back).

The loading time in multi should be improved.
But it would also be nice to have a better feedback of when we enter a tp (even solo, I can often see my character go through the portal before the loading screen appears - it doesn’t last long but I have the time to wonder if my clicking the portal has been taken into account).

By the way, in multi, it would be nice to prevent opening a portal when clicking on “portal to player” when we are dead.
And it would also be nice to be able to return to where we opened our last portal.


Playing solo I have about 10 s loading screens. I’ve lured my friend into the game, and both our loading times were 30 seconds (we have about 40 ms ping between each other).
We both played minions, and after entering a new zone they despawn. However even after despawn character continued to stay in the zone for about 10 seconds, fighting with monsters without their army.
This, heavy rubberbanding, and disappearing minion models made my friend leave :frowning:

We also have very long loading times entering new zones. From under 10s to 30 - 60s. Sometimes it won’t load at all when using the “teleport to friend” feature. Luckily this happenend only once so far.

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Same. 40 ms, everytime we have to move to a different area there’s a long awkward wait. Makes it a little hard to win people over lmao. Also makes it a pain when you accidentally click a portal/area entrance and then get stuck standing around waiting for it to go through so that you can get back out, which takes just as long.

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can confirm, trying coop for the first time today and loading screen takes 10 seconds to start.

same here, from 10 to 50 sec. in multiplayer, solo 3-10 sec.

Bump. Same.

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