Loading into a Echo Dead

No idea if this is a recent thing - or a known happening, but you go to enter a echo - and you get that yellow diamond saying “loading echo” -

Then - though the dim screen , you see your HP start to go down - but you cant move, attack , click anything. cuz the yellow “loading echo” is still there- so you just watch your HP go down - till it hits zero-

Once it hits Zero - there is a quick flash , and you load the echo – and instantly get the “respawn” screen - you were dead the moment you loaded in - :slight_smile:

ping was 54 MS to US East
Internet is 349 MB/s according to Google-
I am the only person using said Router-

It did not seem like a connection issue- it was almost like the game hung up there-but i could not move my character or even press a skill to use it .

log file
Player.zip (559.4 KB)

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