Loading Entangling Roots' tool tip causes the game to hang

Loading Entangling Roots’ tool tip causes the game to hang/crash


I was playing the Primalist at around level 20-25 and noticed that when I moused over Entangling roots in my skill bar, it would cause the whole game to hang/crash. As such I believe this is related to the tooltip information This behavior is consistent in windowed and fullscreen. It did not do this previous to this point.

In trying to grab the information requested, It looks like you can replicate this behavior by continuously reloading the tooltip over and over. It starts out ok but gets worse each time you try to load it. You can mouse over the entangling roots skill from any menu in which you can load the tooltip and it will hang for a few (or many) seconds or crash the game.

What’s worse is that by trying to load the alt tooltip of any skill (not items) causes the game to hang and potentially crash, though it is especially bad for entangling roots. I was able to get a picture of an alt tooltip once when I tried to load the alt tool tip of entangling roots; it had a lot of repeated vertical “4% increased healing effectiveness per point of attunement” in a stylized text box like normal tool tip would be in. A picture of this is included in the imgur link.

I have included an imgur link with pictures of my build, the skill trees of the abilities I am using, videos of the behavior of the bug, as well as the relevant computer information.

please let me know if there is anything else I can provide.

Last Epoch info rowsinator.zip (32.9 KB)

This should be fixed in 0.7.7c, which will be out soon. Please let us know if you still have the problem after the update.


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