Loading Echo Interuption in MP

Been playing a fair bit of LE with my friends after MP release and we are having a blast. Once we reached end game we started running mono’s at a quite high speed and taking turns on “hosting” them to progress our own stuff and stay efficient when someone else needs to sell or craft.

Problem with this however is that each time someone loads an echo it cancels whatever the other people are doing. If you are mid craft, trade or even adjusting your loot-filter it closes the screen/window and interrupts the action.

I guess that is since the “Loading Echo” popup is a shared loading screen and that it might be hard to change how it functions due to that but if it somehow could avoid closing/interrupting peoples activities it would make the MP experience much smoother.

As it is now we basically have to do ready checks on loading each one to not mess with whatever the other party members are doing.