LMB + attack skill not working some type of enemies


In 0.8.3 I started a fresh Sentinel, and when I bind a melee skill (for example Rive) to RMB then set move and attack (with RMB - Rive) to LMB then I facing an issue with some type of enemies. The character don’t attack these enemies, just move around them. As I experiencing, these occurs with enemies come from bellow the terrain.

EDIT: the issue maybe not related with the enemy type, maybe terrain dependent…sorry, i don’t know exactly just yet.

Let us know what you find out. Some video clips would help a lot, if you’re able. Thanks.

I made a short clip for you:


note: at the end, i click/use directly the RMB to kill the enemy :slight_smile:


Playing a Beastmaster and I noticed I cant attack enemies if my beasts are on their hit box. I just run around in circles and I have to right click to attack.

Makes masochist even harder :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem with a primalist and swipe. :frowning:
Not very funny to play actually…

I just bought the game today and I’m having the same problems with Rive and rogues Flurry ability on left click. It is kind of frustrating. I was really enjoying the game before that. Hope it gets fixed soon.

We have a fix for certain enemies not being able to be pierced by abilities coming in 0.8.3c.

I think the problem causing this pierce bug is also causing this bug, so let us know if you’re still running into it after the update.

I still also have some difficulty with Move and Attack on LMB using Mana Strike. Sometimes it works and sometimes my character just walks around, even when I have a target highlighted with the red outline. Maybe I don’t know how it works. Do I have to keep clicking LMB? I tend to hold the button down, a habit from another game. I just want to make sure I understand how the controls are supposed to work before getting into reports on certain enemies.

Right now I have LMB on move only, because it just doesn’t feel smooth to play the other setting.

I’m wondering if there’s some conflict with the “Move to Attack Enemies out of Range” setting. I have this enabled and it works most of the time. Sometimes, not often, there are enemies I can’t hit until I move. I assume this is a hitbox issue unrelated to “Move to Attack”.

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