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if you’re not paying @Llama8, you should be.

His knowledge of the game is great, and he’s very active on these here forums helping the rest of us out.

Big round of applause, and a paycheck?, for @Llama8


@Llama8 earns enough money in his day job, so let him do his thing for free :joy:

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Also Llama8 is a pretty cool guy. eh helps new players and doesn’t afraid of anything!

Llama is helpful but vapourfire responds to pretty much every technical support question someone leaves, even mine and probably never receives any reconignition and these are ultra boring questions not glamourous discussions of DPS and skills

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Hey, I’ve got my own thread… no casting shade on the Royal Llama in his own thread…


ps. joking aside, these things are getting a little silly now tho… We all like the game and have time & motivation to contribute and sometimes just helping out on the various community platforms is the simplest & easiest way to express appreciation to the devs and help others enjoy the game as much as we do…


getting a little silly is part of the fun :laughing:

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