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Little "Shield Rush" problem

If you choose the skill point “Void Breaker” and/or “Temporal Strike” in the skill “Shield Rush” you get the skill tag “Void”.

However, if you ONLY take the “Dark Rush” skill point - which also guarantees further Void damage - you will not get the aforementioned Void tag.

Yeah, I think the bug is that neither of Void Breaker/Temporal Strike should give the void tag since they’re adding flat damage rather than converting the skill. For example, Shield Throw’s Forgeborn node adds flat fire damage but doesn’t give it the fire tag. Adding tags is generally reserved for nodes that convert base (& potentially added) damage.

You should definitely get a Void tag for specing Dark Rush. I will make a note of it.

Thanks for the report.

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Why? There are loads of skill nodes that add flat damage but don’t add a tag, Shield Throw’s Forgeborn node is an example.

When you are adding a different damage type to a skill’s base damage it will gain that damage tag. So if Shield Throw’s Forgeborn node isn’t gaining a Fire tag that is a bug.

Deal with it. :kissing:

I just wanted to combine the Shield rush ability with the sentinel idols “Chance To Gain Inspiration On Kills With Void Skills” without having to invest too many skill points [every point is important]. Without this attempt, I would never have noticed it too. :relaxed:

The following don’t add the relevant tags:

Shield Bash Flame Coating node (adds fire damage)
Rebuke Dark Thoughts node (adds void damage)
Sigils of Hope Divine Flare (adds base fire damage), doesn’t add the fire tag to Sigils of Hope, but the tooltip for Divine Flare is correct

Harvest Necrotic blood node (adds necrotic damage to the Blood Wraiths), this node does not change the tags on the Blood Wraith tooltip
Bone Golem Charged Bones node (adds fire damage), this node does not change the tags on the Golem tooltip
Skellie Mage Flaming Attacks node (adds fire damage), this node does not change the tags on the minion tooltip

Ballista Flaming Shots (adds fire damage), this node does not change the tags on the Ballista tooltip

Some of these are already fixed or already noted.

I’ll go through them to make sure. Thanks.

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