List of Player Expectations for Game Release

EHG has made many promises for it’s game release, and already delivered on a significant number of them.

Now that beta is well underway, the release goal is going to approach next. This thread is intended to be an unofficial & informal list of what us players expect to have finished before Game Version 1.0.0 hits our hard drives.

*note: this thread is not officially from EHG and the inclusion of something in this list does not represent a promise on behalf of EHG.
In no particular order:

  • Complete story campaign - a story with a beginning, middle and end that spans all of the eras with maps throughout Eterra
  • Co-operative player - Parties of 5 playing the game together
  • Friends, Guilds and robust chat -Social features that can keep players connected
  • Trading - Bazaar and Friend <-> Friend trading
  • PvP???* - Duels, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5
  • Rogue (and masteries), Warlock, Runemaster - All of the Masteries and their passives
  • At least 25 skills per base class (3 * 5 = 15 mastery skills + 10 base skills)
  • Complete Skill trees for all skills
  • Monolith of Fate Quests/Lore - Polishing up the monolith into a more finished state
  • Gates of Memorium
  • Epoch’s Call
  • Lost Memory Items
  • Legendary Items
  • Cosmetics Shop
  • More Crafting Items
  • Gold Sinks
  • Revamped Respec System
  • Eternity Caches
  • No log in needed for offline characters
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Constellation Skins/Named tombstones and Zombies/Cave Drawings/Treasure Chests
  • Finished Sound Track
  • Diverse Equipment models
  • Loot Filter
  • More Optimization
  • Dual Wielding
  • Foci, Daggers, staves and bows
  • Revamped Minion AI/UI
  • More Detailed Tooltips
  • More Challenging Boss Mechanics
  • Titles and Achievements
  • Increased level scaling (particularly at the upper end)
  • Voice Acting
  • Zone Permanence - mobs, items, mini-map exploration, etc stay the same when you re-enter a zone
  • Gambler
  • Visual Buff Indicators
  • Better pathing and idle animations for pets
  • Idle animations for characters
  • In-game reference manual
  • Death penalty for softcore

Feel free to reply if you think anything is missing from this list.

*Out of everything on this list, I feel like PvP may be the best candidate for introducing after release. If it’s worth doing, I think it’s worth doing right. In order to create the best PvP I think that balancing it for months beforehand is the best way to go. Frankly I’m not sure that I see PvP being finished with that much time left before release.


Thanks! This is useful for us, too.

I’ll provide some informal thoughts below - hope you don’t mind my off-the-cuff feedback.

We have ambitious plans for Last Epoch’s post-release support. While we’ll definitely want the campaign to feel like a story which has a beginning, a middle, and an end, I would add that we are likely to continue to explore the lore behind the game after launch.

Except for the Illusory Tree triggered by Arboreal Circuit to avoid treeception. :sunglasses:

There has been some discussion internally regarding this.

Legendary items were envisaged as being particularly powerful, rare and distinctive items which are broadly comparable to unique items. Historically one of the most common responses to this has been the question of whether this warrants an entirely separate rarity.

While we’ve no plans to remove the distinction entirely, we’re open to changing how we go about implementing that distinction. To offer an example, Diablo III has Legendary Items and Ancient Legendary Items. It’s possible we would go from the idea of having Legendary Items to having Legendary Unique Items, or otherwise making a sub-rarity rather than a wholly new rarity. Since I’m posting about this, we’d certainly welcome feedback on this.

(I’m only referring to Diablo III’s naming conventions. We do not have any intention of having our Legendary Items mirror the functionality of Ancient Legendary Items in Diablo III.)

Could you clarify the first part of this?

Please note that is something for which there will be a degree of secrecy. We’re unlikely to publicly discuss exactly how we detect cheating, as doing so tends to result in prompt updates to botting software to help them evade the specified detection methodology.

tl;dr: There’ll be anti-cheat. There may not be announcements surrounding it, however.

I’m not sure if we’ve publicly referred to them previously, but you can add Staves to the bullet point mentioning Foci, Daggers, and Bows. I’ve even designed a unique staff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you could add a new Increased Zone Persistence bullet point or something to that effect which would refer to zones not immediately resetting upon your departure.

I’d be inclined to caution against such an expectation. Months of proactive balancing prior to the implementation of PvP is unlikely to be feasible, and the goal of balance being perfect prior to implementation is not one we would attempt to pursue.


gambling npc <3


Voice acting :smile:

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I always envisioned “Legendary” as just being the loose term for high level “Uniques”. I’m not sure I see what having a separate item rarity would add mechanically.

Makes me curious if there would be any overlap between the lost memories system and Legendaries.

I just meant “Logging in not necessary for offline characters”

My point is that to actually make PvP fair and enjoyable takes much more balancing work than doing so for PvE. Most games I’ve seen that had decent PvP had at least one person working exclusively on PvP balance.

Balancing PvP comes down to more than just skills/passives, but also map design, time limits, tournament/ladder structure (Timezones?), matchmaking and more.

I’ve had some ideas, such as limiting the pool of usable skills, that may decrease the time needed to balance prior to implementation by a significant degree. In this case I’d say that it’d be better to implement PvP in stages rather than a complete version of PvP all at once.

Isn’t one big part of PvP that it’s never fair? Should’nt there always be classes that eat other classes for breakfast? Oh man the good old DaoC days ^^. I’m only for a PvP mode if all the scaling for it is delivered by zone buffs and debuffs and not by balancing skills for PvP. PvP destroyed the balance in many PvE games and I have enough of this. Make an Arena for PvP folks and give that zone class specific buffs and debuffs and go with that route pretty please. Sure it’s more work if you change skill values you have to change the arena values as well, but at the end of the day that may be the least PvE disrupting way to implement PvP.

I wanted a more luxurious life bar and a unique sound in the scenario boss battle
I think this will help players who are not good at English like me enjoy the story :joy_cat:

is there anyway to put on pvp that only can join 1 class per team? for example on 2v2, can’t be 2 mages, it would have to be different classes always on the team

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Since it hasn’t been mentioned:

I don’t know what to call them, but other than purely visual cues to buffs (like Void Charges [I don’t recall the name, the Sentinel thingy in Vengeance going down]), add minor portraits (like the pets have) with it and it’s duration underneath. (Like charges in PoE, gotta admit that system works on top of the visual floating balls one.)

Also, smaller top-left portraits for pets and the buffs I’m mentioning. So the screen doesn’t flood too much.

Builds maybe, entire classes probably not. It becomes very unfun very quick if you only see the same build used all the time.

As I said, there’s more to balancing PvP than just skills.

I can agree that PvE skills shouldn’t be changed to balance for PvP.

Agree on this. And I believe EHG has mentioned before that the PVE experience takes precedence. I won’t fault them if PVP can’t be delivered at release.

Also agree on this. I saw them basically as explicit call out for T0 uniques to use POE terminology.

Thanks for this list btw. I’ll mull over what else might be missing from it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: one thing that I’ll mention for now is better MTX pets pathing. The current pets movement (especially how they keep merging paths) is not release quality imo.

Lootfilter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At some point an in-game reference manual was promised.

Don’t know if that project is dead in the water now, or still planned, but I’m going to add it to the list :slight_smile:

This list is starting to look like too much to expect by current launch window. Good luck to the devs :open_mouth:


adding to the list

  • ranged weapons

  • buff/debuff indicator for everything

  • visuals for every armor and weapon piece you use, not an standar

  • pet rework

  • skill tree rework, too much nonsense with type of class

  • scale ui

  • rotate camera

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Adding this cause it just occurred to me (first melee char right now), but clicking to attack should be integrated with moving into appropriate range for it.

Like, if I have a ranged skill that goes from my spot to the edges, ok, but if it only goes half-way from me to the edge (or if it’s melee), the character should move into range prior to using it.

And since I know a lot of people wouldn’t want this as default, make it an option under Gameplay.

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I just need offline mode to be able to mod to my heart’s content :unicorn:
And…Falconer…love falcons :orange_heart:

Edit:btw,no news about that offline mode?

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rotatable camera likely won’t be a thing. It’s a design choice so that they don’t have to put extra design time into making sure the game looks good from all angles.

Interesting topic, plenty of good stuffs is coming and priorities are hard to set.

I would love to not loggin for offline char. As a new father, I could only play at lunch at work. So as I could not use the network of my company., I play 3DS and could no more play last epoch.
If offline is available, I will be back :slight_smile:

The second must have for me is buff /debuff icon and time. There is plenty of interesting mecanism in this game and it is hard to rellay know what is working or not.

I also think perhaps it should be important to be clear this is a list of what we expect at release based on what EHG had promised to the community, and not a wish list for release.

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