Linux launch command on Hybrid graphics

70 fps on Linux # laptop/hybrid :slight_smile:

Just sharing, run this in terminal:



I’m gonna bite (given I don’t have Linux), what does that do?

Not having the hardware, I cannot test myself, but I would expect that this will help ensure that LE runs on the discreet Nvidia GPU in a system that has a hybrid/dual GPU setup (i.e. gpu in the CPU & a separate GPU card)… Its basically “running” the launcher with some command line parameters…

This is an issue because LE seems to have trouble doing this on its own in Linux - on windows you can configure it in the driver and OS… AMD GPUs seem to have better Linux drivers so tend to be ok…

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Here’s the weird thing though I had a recent AMD GPU laptop that I was trying to get to work in Linux and the game ran horribly, and the AMD GPU was being used! this is what I just don’t understand but anyway nVidia works, it works well and it does need to be launched it with this command on hybrid, if you’re only running the Nvidia GPU it’s no big deal just launch it normally but it does affect battery life

Thank you for the possibly very useful information.

I must confess, trying out the Linux client is still on my to do list. I really must get around to it soon when I am finished with my other projects. I run 3 OS’s and one of them is Linux Mint although I have used several other distros in the past. I’ve been slowly gearing up to completely replace my reliance on Windows for various reasons (obvious to me) and gaming is still the last proper obstacle to this. Every PC/laptop I set up/build for family/friends now has a Linux alternative to Windows installed for them & ready to go.

So, cheers @d3viant for your testing & sharing of information. Much appreciated.

Llama, given that you too are a grumpy older brit with a leaning towards logical numerical puzzles, might I suggest that you have been missing out on the wonderful enigma that is the world of Linux.

If you find the time, I would highly recommend opening the Pandora’s Box that is the world of Linux. I would suggest that starting off with a well known & supported “easier” distro such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu is a good kick off point.

Trust me, I think your eyes will be well and truly opened to the possibilities of escaping the draconian & restrictive practices of Microsoft :smiley:

Oh #### no!

The only good finance systems & spreadsheets are on Windows so there’s no reason for me to change.

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