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(Linux) Game crashing after first town

I have tried multiple times to get past the second underground town during the first act but the game will crash causing me to lose an entire created character or character progression.
Example: I have a mage that I leveled up to about 5, I have gotten him to level 8-9 multiple times but when the game crashes I have to start all over back at lvl 5 shooting me back to when you receive the first shard.
Example: I created a paladin character and made it to the second town about level 8-9 and the game crashed, reopening the game and my newly created character is gone.

I would like someway to sync my current character often so I don’t have to worry about crashing and losing progress. Or if you could give me some advice to help me help you that would be appreciated.
Would it be better to just play under proton instead of natively?

You can try to copy your save file, location is in this article:

but 1st i would lvl just a little bit, to lvl 6 and logout, see if the progress is saved after lvl 5. Then report whats going on and i will try to help

I figured out how to save my progress reliably, I have to press esc, then leave the game, then exit. After doing those steps in that particular order I have a save file that is correct. If the game crashes or is terminated improperly I will lose all progress up to the last time I did the above steps. It’s very frustrating because almost every quest I have to basically restart the game if I want my progress saved. It does work though.

So You can try to copy those save files just in case every few minutes or so

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