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Linux controller support seems very incomplete

Use “Enable Steam Input” in the “CONTROLLER” section of the games’ properties on Steam.

I play on Linux either via Proton7.0 or the native port. Switching between both made me realize that the controller support is very lackluster on the native port.

On the Windows version (via Proton7.0 emulation - so still running on Linux): I have nearly full controller support, only certain actions are not mapped, like opening “Map & Quest” from the controller wheel.

On the native Linux version: hardly any controller support at all, only 1 directional axis & just a few buttons are detected.

The controller is an Xbox One Controller, all buttons are working in Steam and in the Windows version of the game on the same OS.

Maybe this is known since controller support is “partial”, but just checking.

Game version: 0.8.5F

Yip… this is probably it. I think Mike W mentioned that they are only likely to have full controller support when 1.0 drops and based on past experiences, I expect that Linux controller support will lag behind this (speculation)…

There are a few people on Discord playing LE on Steam Decks and are able to play successfully with the built-in controllers so it may be that linux controller support is also very dependent on specific setups/distros etc… but thats true for anything / everything linux so is probably a moot point…

@vapourfire , your comment was perfect. From it I deduced that the devs must be using Steam Input instead of the lower-level joysitck/evdev inputs.

So I forced “Enable Steam Input” and everything works on par with the Windows version.


I dunno if there is a wiki to edit about it, but it might be a good thing to know for other Linux players. Let me know if you think it’d be valuable contribution to some wiki.

Edit: I recently realized that the “Steam Overlay” must also be enabled. I’m guessing the steam overlay relays the inputs of the gamepad to the game. Without it, the gamepad is totally not working at all (this is not obvious tbh)

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Thanks for figuring this out. I mentioned the steam deck because its obviously Linux based and might have some config that helped - but I dont use Linux myself for games (nor do I use controllers) so its unlikely I would have joined the dots…

There isnt really a wiki for technical support kinds of things… not even sure if the devs are planning this… It would be good to add things like this to the FAQ on the support site but I have a feeling that all of this is waiting for the game to be more complete - I am personally expecting a lot of back-end changes in the next patch and they might make the old “technical” workarounds irrelevant. who knows…

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