Linux client server selection

me and few others that are running native linux client are having issues with connecting to the EU servers. We are being connected to Asia/Australia/US but never to the EU (we are all based in central europe).
I now tried running the windows client through proton and I get connected to the EU server but now I have issues with in game chat and seeing everyone offline (even if they are online).
It looks like I had no issues with connecting to the chat with native linux client.
If giving you a list of IPs where I am getting connected from linux client will help you let me know I can provide it.
Thank you.

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Try starting the native linux client from terminal instead of through Steam library (but have steam running while doing so):
~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Last\ Epoch/Last\ Epoch.x86_64
Doing it this way I always get connected to EU West instead of US East which gets (incorrectly) chosen when I run through steam

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