Linking items

Hi devs, absolutely loving the game.

One huge feature I, and many other players have noticed, is the inability to link items we find in the game in the chat. A huge part of the ARPG for me is the feedback loop of

1)Grinding the items
2)Finding something rare and cool
3)Linking it in chat for suggestion or just to brag

It fosters a sense of achievement, accomplishment, community, and discussion on builds. Psychologically, this also provides a positive feedback mechanism for players to continue to put hours into the game and the game becomes more multiplayer as crafts and items become a community feature rather than an individual feature.

I am sure this feature is being implemented into the game and I hope it is sooner than later.

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This was initially planned for 0.9 but didn’t quite make it.

They already said they are planning to implement it between 0.9 and 9.1.

Maybe it will come in a patch before 9.1 but latest it would be 9.1

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