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Limit Each Characters Play Time

This is a rarely talked about feature and AFAIK, no game implemented. Limiting each characters ability to gain XP for a maximum of 8 hours per day creates real competition.

Without this, there really isn’t a reasonable level playing ground. Some players will run their characters (friends) for 24 hours, which feels ridiculous and unfair to realistic players.

Competitive objectives (leaderboards and rewards) for zone speed running and PvP would be good and competitive. PvP could be limited to 8 hours a day too, so someone playing both could play for 16 hours if they wanted.

If there aren’t these types of leader boards, then there’s no reason to limit anyone’s time. I do think creating competition is most important. Grinding a character to some hard-capped maxed level then expecting an expansion for new caps won’t be popular.

You don’t want to ruin the competition for the long term players that stick to one character, but you don’t want it to feel like it’s pointless to start a new character at any time.

I wish there was no level cap, just diminishing benefits.

Time limits like that in games won’t work. Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0 tried that and look what happened to it.


Just no…

Time limited organised competitions aside, I hate this so much that I would rather have a DI microtransaction simulator than having my daily playtime being restricted by some arbitrary game time restrictions.

I am an adult… I paid for a game… I want to play it for as long as I want whenever I want.


Ah ah, not sure if this is a serious thread or not…

I for one would absolutely hate it, and I believe I wouldn’t be the only one.
I want to play when I can / want, not when the developper decides it is time.

Obviously, you are right on one point: the “level playing field” is just a funny legend.
But honestly: who cares?
While it is nice to have some competition on the side for the few people interested in it, making it the central focus of the game would mean catering for a completely different player base. I wouldn’t even touch a game focused on competition.


Lol what a stupid idea. If someone has the time fully level a char in 24h then he should do so.


Fifty thumbs down.

I would have no interest whatsoever in a game that artificially limits my ability to play just so a small subset of other players who have unhealthy emotional relationships to games can “compete” with each other in an utterly meaningless way.


I’m in the 'definitely no" crowd with the time limit. Not even remotely interested in being competitive but I still want to play, when I want to play, as much as I want to play.

If others can play 24/7 more power to them (although I’d suspect bot work on that end :wink:) but again, I don’t care either way because I’m not a competitive player.


This is just stupid why stop at 8 hours then because it fits you… but i can only play 1 hour so set the limit to that… see the error?


Just… NO from me.

There’s enough “nanny state” in RL that I hate without my bloody computer nannying me as well. At the age of 52 I am more than capable of taking breaks (falling asleep) and as far as “level playing fields” - I say grow up.

Life is NOT a level playing field, that’s only something that PC snowflakes teach their kiddies incorrectly (imho) to “prepare them” for leaving the safety of the nest. Consequently, they leave completely unprepared for the harsh reality of life, which is that it can be mostly sh!t, not every one is nice, and surprise surprise you get sweet FA for finishing 2nd (No, we’re not all winners, winners are winners & everything below 1st is a non-winner i.e. loser).

In the context of gaming, if someone is prepared to stick in 5 more hours a day than me with the same skills and gets “better” than me, I say fair play to them - they earned it. It’s my job to catch them up, not expect the “nanny state” to pull them down to my level. Besides, I’d get no sense of achievement with them being lowered to my crappier level; anyone who does has bigger problems imho.


There’s no reason to limit anyone’s play time even with leader boards. Without your suggestion, everyone has the same 24 hour day in which to play. It is incumbent upon each individual to determine how much of that day he or she wishes to devote to the game and advancing in it. Everyone having this same freedom, that doesn’t vary from player to player, is a level playing field (if such a thing matters in a game like this one, which I don’t personally think it does).

I avoided commenting when you brought this up in your other thread because I didn’t think I could say anything nice after reading “the majority of people, concerning games, don’t know what’s best for them.” Since we’re here, though… is this quoted comment, coupled with this thread, meant to imply that you know what’s best for the majority of people, concerning games? If so, on what authority do you base your conclusions? What makes you the arbiter of what’s best for anyone other than yourself? Or are you simply trying to stir the pot and see what kind of drama you might be able to kick up?


Yeah. Just because you present your ideas with 200% self esteem, doesn’t mean they are good. It’s not smart to limit the effective playtime of people to artificially make them less able to have an advantage over more casual players.

And it’s not new. That’s a predatory concept that is used in other games with cash shops where you then can buy tokens to circumvent this limit.