Limit Background FPS setting not working

Set it to e.g. 15, apply settings, change focus and no change.
No change in all windows states, window, full screen etc.

There is something fishy going on with display modes. I just abandoned a huge post about the game receiving user input while being in the background, which could potentially leak passwords to the game if one typed one into a web browser for instance, but after playing a bit around with the Graphics settings, the issue suddenly completely disappeared and no longer shows up even when restarting the game.

Same story with yours, I noticed the same problem with the game not limiting the background FPS, but now it suddenly does work in all three display modes. Does it work for you if you switch around display modes?

I tried restarting the game and noticed that in all display modes, the background FPS is not limited unless I open the settings once, change the display mode and apply the change. Then it suddenly works.

“No change in all windows states, window, full screen etc.”

Going to pop back in and see if there is any change after restart.

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