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Lightning to Cold and +Lightning Damage mods

I’m wondering on the mage, if you select the option to convert lightning to Cold damage, but have gear that is primarily +Lightning damage or use some gear with +Lightning, will those lightning specific +Damage items also be converted and applied as +Cold damage, or do I need to re-gear the mage to use +Cold Damage gear?

I’m not quite sure what your asking due to some overlapping terminology, but hopefully this helps.

  • When you convert a skill to another damage type, to increase the damage, you need to use a % increase of the new damage type. So if you convert lightning to cold, you now need cold damage type increases.
    • I.E. +X% spell damage, +X% cold damage
  • Adaptive damage (pretty sure its always flat) will increase the cold now instead of lightning, so no work is needed there.
    • I.E. +X adaptive spell damage
  • If you had a Additive increase of a damage type ( I believe this only exists for melee), it still additive increase damage of that type. the damage type of the skill does not affect this at all.
    • I.E. +X Melee cold damage
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As @samonjourus said, it depends what you mean when you say “+lightning/cold” damage. It also depends what kind of conversion node it is, as some only convert the base damage while some also convert all added damage. If it was the latter, then everything would be converted to cold and would require % increased cold damage.

There are some passives and gear that add flat damage to both spells and melee, Mourningfrost is probably the most obvious, they add flat cold damage to spells and attacks per point of dex.

This is exactly what I was looking for and very clear.

Thank you :grinning: