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Lightning skill passives not good enough?

I respec all into Lightning passives and I barely feel any difference with the +critical rate and extra Shocked value. I am mainly spamming Lightning Strike as it’s affordable and I want to see if I can build enough Ward to face tank a bit. Oh boy. Comparing to Spellblade, she needs a lot of work. Her damage is just so low for some reasons. I haven’t tried to get good stuff for her but comparing to other specs with similar items, Sorcerer’s mana management, damage output and survival rank are definitely at the absolute lowest.

I’ve tried spamming Fireballs. I tried Meteor (damage is really not great considering how slow it drops and how much mana it costs). I tried Glacier build. I tried Frozen Orb (don’t know why it needs 4s CD considering the mana cost is almost half of my pool).

LIch, on the other hand, does like 3x more damage, no mana problem and survives way better with level 50 passive health leeching.

It’s frustrating to play Sorcerer as my heavy nukes either cost way too much mana or with unnecessary delays and cool-downs or requires enemies to stand still. I literally do Freeze, use Frozen Orb once. Run when Freeze is charged, use Frozen Ob again. And even Teleport costs like 60 mana?

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