Lightning Chakram Bladedancer Build Guide (0.9)

Hi and welcome to my Lightning Chakram Bladedancer Guide for Patch 0.9.

I used to do all my Build Guides here on the Forum but i will continue to upload them on LE Tools since Dammitt provided such an amazing site to share builds.

If you have any questions you can leave them here, on youtube or on the written guide.

Hope you enjoy it!

Neat build, I’ve been playing chakrams since last patch and got some new tricks from this.
Highly recommend a regular shield instead of bastion tho, ranged firing squad mobs are one of the big threats in places like arena and an Ironglass with block chance(ideally exalted so you go over 50%), effect, health and reduced dmg on block/res can really help out.
Crimson shrouds from Sync strike have the additional bonus of reduced dmg over time taken thats pretty useful.
Flow+Rythm is free attack speed almost always up due to you rotating between shuriken, sync and shift.

Low life also seems like a really strong but very gear intensive variant

I tested some variants for Sync Strike, and mechnically i prefered the Shadow Rush node providing me 1160 hp whenever i use it (together with passive). Quite helpful when you run out of health potions aswell.
I had some leftover passive points thats why i put them into Disembowel and the extra attack speed on Art of the Blade feels good on bosses.

I played with Flow+Rythm but unspecced at the end since 5% attack speed for 5 points (only 4 in Rhytm are enough for the uptime) didn’t feel worth it when Flash of Steel provides 12%.

Yep, sounds interesting. But very gear intensive as you said. I ususally do guides for casual players because i don’t think i need to help the 1% playerbase that already know what they want :slight_smile: And with the low life version you probably need some LP uniques and have a harder time fixing your defensive stats. Fun min maxing project though!

Very versatile skill and build for sure.

Yeah saw a vid on youtube using that with crazy LP uniques, a pure phys version also seems interesting, lower flat dmg but can dual katanas for massive crit multi and glancing blow(or dagger+katana for easier crit), easy phys shred from the tree, flat phys while dw exists and armor shred ends up being much more useful.

Wish the actual lightning nodes on the tree were worth it in any scenario though(only time I used em was for easier shock on a detonating arrow build but felt redundant even there)

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This is such a fun build and easy to play and gear. The lighting chakrams look mesmerising. Was my first big love with the Rogue on offline. Will defenitely roll a new one for MP :smile:

Great guide

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I started playing shurikens after dropping a Bo staff and the next day noticed your new guide. I’ve been having a blast with this build, well done.

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