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LIghtning Bolts - Node effects between two skills

Fury Leap can cast Lightning Bolts.
Tempest Strike can cast Lightning Bolt.
The exact wording (singular vs plural) is not equally separated between the two skills.

Do the Lightning Bolt nodes in the Tempest Strike tree affect Lightning Bolts cast by Fury Leap? More specifically, I think about Lightning Can Strike Twice which can result in 100% chance of double cast. So can I have Fury Leap double proc LIghtning Bolts?
I know it is not written “Global”, but on the opposite it is not written “Lightning Bolts cast by Tempest Strike”.
What I know of the game says me it would not work, but I’d like to be sure.

The Lightning Bolts from both trees are entirely seperate.

OK, that’s what I feared. Thanks for confirming. :slight_smile:
I had something in mind, probably not powerful at all, but rather fun though. Dream broken, let’s find another dream!

Both of the skill spec tree’s are quite old and i think those lightning bolts are not AMAZING anyway.

But you can obviously still test it and prove me wrong.

I never focused on them, but even on elemental/lightning builds when i took them they didn’t stand out

I was thinking of a Primalist centered upon Fury Leap. It looks like almost nobody loves the skill, so that’s a reason for me to explore it. Then I saw this Lightning Bolt feature, so I looked for similar things in Primalist skills. That’s where I saw the node in Tempest Strike. I was wondering if there were something similar to Spark Charges, even if far less powerful.