Lightning Blast rework ideas

McFluffin and I did an extensive mind map of our ideas for a rework of the mage’s Lightning Blast skill.

This came after @Trasochi made a surprising comment in the Suggestions channel yesterday. “A lightning blast tree rework is planned soon. If you have any specific ideas for new nodes, feel free to put them here or on the forums.”

These are just some ideas we came up with, from the help of viewers as well, and we hope you guys can come up with even more cool ideas! :smiley:

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Beautiful everything I was thinking I would want to see is in here.

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I love them all!!

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As a primalist main, I think “lightning from the sky” should be reserved to those actually casting storms :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s entirely biased and I’m envious of mage’s chain lightning since primalists don’t get a really iconic nature magic spell because of that :rofl:

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Haha yea that makes sense and I feel you. Yea the storm theme is actually more fitting with the Shaman. :smiley:

Any ideas?

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Hm, I kind of grew fond of the option to change your element (basically every D3 skill allows that nowadays).
My mage is lvl 18 and waits for the runemaster release :smiley: So I don’t have much experience, but maybe that’d be a route worth thinking about.
(Like make a side-route behind the channeled blast that converts the lightning ray to a cold ray, changing 100% of lightning damage to cold and chance to chill/freeze… add behind that maybe “10% Chance per Point that a frost nova emanates from the hit enemy, freezing enemies around him” or stuff like that.)

EDIT: Or make it a rainbow ray, like the Nova. Changes to a random element every second, with a chance to ignite with fire, chill with ice, shock with lightning… :smiley:
Or I don’t know how viable a melee caster mage is (Spellblades attack with their weapon I think?), but the lightning could also change in a relatively short ranged ~120 degree channel with more damage and chance to stun or something :thinking:

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Maybe a few more 3/2 and 4/1 splits to let you have a bit of diversity.

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Oh the 0/1 and 0/5 are totally placeholder since that really doesn’t matter yet. It was just to show the difference between the 1 point and multiple point nodes :wink:

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Not bad but i don’t see a double cast chance on it :frowning:
I would like for all elemental spell come with a natural chance for their status effect and can be further enhanced with tree .
Also i would like the chain effect can hit multiple destructible object like barrel etc…

I like the split idea, kinda like multi-shot lightning blast.