Lightning Blast / Hyper Charge

How is the interaction of this talent exactly?
Is it really a “proc on a proc”?

1/4 of my blasts are double casts with over charged talent.
Hypercharge only makes 1/4 of that 1/4 a quad cast?

So casting 16 blasts i get:
12 normal single ones
3 double casts (overcharge procced / hyper didnt)
1 quad cast (both overcharged and hyper charged procced)

(i know it is only 24% overcharge but 25% is easier to calculate)

So without the 5 talent points you get 16 blasts on 16 casts
With 4/4 overcharged you get 20 blasts on 16 casts (25% more damage - ~6% per talent point)
With 1/1 hypercharged you get 22 blasts on 16 casts (37.5% more damage - 7,5% per talent point)

  • above numbers ignore crit multi on overcharged -

additional question:
Frontloaded 125% damage increase are “on the tree” so these increase base damage and are not only another 125% inc like i get on a staff?

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