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Lightning Blast "Final Spark"

I don’t understand the point of this Nod, especially since you can upgrade it 8times.
SO it don’t work if you chain 0times, i mean its literally useless for bosses because you need to chain.
BUT, to reach this nod you allready have to take at least “chain 4times” in the path, which mean this node only increase the damage on the last ennemy after 4succefull first ennemies hits.
In how much fights you’re gonna have this specific configuration ? mostly 1times out of 10, and since you need to chain and can’t control who’s gonna be the last ennemy, its motly gonna wipe a low ennemy…

In Path of Exil there was a different approach on Arc skill, which was “every chains wasted, add like +20% damages” so if you hit a Boss with 0chains, and had 6chains possible, then you had a +6*20% damage for Boss/Solo mobs, which was pretty usefull.

But this current node need to reach th emaximum amount before it apply, so it would be useless for 90% of times. Am i missing something ?

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