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Script/Written Guide

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Last Epoch Builds, in todays video topic, we will be going over

my showcase on Lightning Aura Spellblade, a build I never thought would exist.

First thing I would like to do is shoutout my friend, Mordrim, the owner of the channel,

Wizardry and Company, as he was the inspiration for this build, and the original video

for this build will also be in the description, please give him a like and a sub!

Well to start explaining why I never thought they would exist,

there were Fire Aura builds in the past, but their idols,

chance to cast fire aura idols, were nerfed into the ground when they added 1

second cooldowns on them, rendering them completely useless for any competitive


They recently added a skill called Surge, which completely flopped mind you. But, it does

have a really cool ability, to be able to create a large amount of fire auras at once,

which allows a fire aura build to exist again!

Why are we going for lightning aura? Because shock. Most DoT builds have issues scaling

damage because they lack crit multi, which all the hit builds have. So we have to find

ways of getting more damage multipliers. Shock reduces the enemies lightning resistance

by 5% per stack, (2% on bosses), and stacks up 20 times. This allows us to add another

scaling option, and helps us increase single target damage, which was the biggest problem

with Fire Aura builds.

Being a lightning damage over time spell, this gives us an insane amount of ways of scaling

even more damage, including ridiculously high elemental damage over time % prefixes, adaptive

spell damage and spell damage.

With all of this, I went for ward scaling on this build, and most of the time we have a juicy

2k+ bubble of ward, which allows us to tank most things in the Monolith of Fate. Sadly this

build is very poor performance in Arena due to the fact it is as melee as you can be. Being

in melee range without other ways of damage reduction, makes any build terrible for the current

arena. That being said, I will be including a ZPDS version made for arena, in the description as

well, which incorporates block and dodge into the build. This version hasnt been tested but will

probably serve you well, but will deal less damage overall.

Lets Get Into The Skills Shall We?

Firebrand, with Brand of Arcanus allows us to scale even more flat adaptive spell damage for

our fire auras, which gives us a good base to work with early endgame and lets us scale even

further in the endgame.

Pyroshielding and Warding Flames gives us insane amounts of ward which helps us tank hits while

trying to kill bosses and trash packs.

Surge is the overall star of the build, as it allows us to scale an insane amount of single target

damage. You must be wondering, "Dr3ad, why are we running Teleport and Surge? They both share

cooldowns?" well yes, they do. And in a very iroinic turn of events, the devs trying to limit

the mobility of characters by sharing cooldowns on mobility skills, actually helps us.

The node Storm Battery, gives us a stack of dormant energy each time we hit while Surge is

on cooldown. We hit so infrequent thanks to the fact we are running a staff, which has a very

low attack rate, and we also have barely any attack speed, so reaching 10 dormant stacks without

teleport to put surge back on cooldown would be impossible, but thanks to the shared cooldown,

we can stack this while just breezing through monoliths and trigger all 10 dormant stacks, which

thanks to Fulmination, gives us 10 fire aura stacks automatically.

Insulation and Storm Aegis both give us an insane amounts of ward, allowing us to push our

max average ward even further in boss fights.

Storm Bringer and Electropulse both allow us to cast Lightning Blast, which will all hit

the target a lot of times, causing a lot of stacks of shocks quickly, which allows us

to reach shock cap without much effort. LB also allows us to proc lightning aegis.

There is a build planner in the description with all the other skill trees, but the only other thing

that is important for the build is Eye of Flame in the Flame Ward tree, giving our fire auras

15% more damage globally, very strong node to take!

For passives, we just as much ward grab and fire aura

related nodes, as well as grabbing attack speed to help the fluidity of the build, and as

much intelligence we can since we are stacking ward retention.

For Idols we run either Increased Lightning Damage, or Increased Fire Aura damage, Helmet, Relics,

Rings all want Intelligence and Increased Elemental Over Time. Our Chest we want Int, increased

Fire Aura. Our Belt we want Increased Elemental Damage Over Time and HP, our gloves Int and

Attack Speed. For Boots we want Movement Speed and Intelligence, and for our Staff we run

Increased Elemental Damage Over Time and Lightning Damage, and Shock on the suffix.

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