Lightning Aegis

Lightning Aegis is pretty important buff for any of mage’s mastery. It gives quite impactful stats (damage reduction and lightning damage increase), it is a requirement for some idol affixes. But currently it requires either specced Lightning Blast or Static Orb to get stable uptime, or another class/idol affix, chance to get aegis on getting hit, with much less stable uptime, and if i remember correctly, it cannot spawn on same idols, as other aegis affixes. So currently if you want to get aegis, you have to specialize in one of these two skills, or sacrifice affixes on idols and gear (numbers on these aren’t high, so it will require more than one or two affixes) and be hit multiple times to may be get aegis proc.
Would be really great to see more ways of getting Aegis buff, since LB and SO aren’t only usable lightning skills, and sacrificing affixes for aegis on being hit means losing affixes that synergize with aegis (damage or cast speed with aegis buff).

I really don’t think mage needs yet another way to get a 25% DR universally on all their masteries. It’s already too strong as it is.

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Most of the times it’s not even about DR from Aegis, but about idols, that require Aegis buffs to function, such as cast speed:

But you still get the DR. LE is about opportunity cost. You want lightning aegis for x y or z reason? There is a cost to it.


Really? I thought Mage was supposed to be the weakest class…

One thing to remember with lightning aegis is that it breaks after you take 25% of your max health in damage. This means if you have 2k health and can generate 500 ward per second (runemasters can get way more ward per second than this and speccing this way will leave you with more like 1k health) than you’d need to be able to regain lightning aegis once every 2ish seconds or less to notice any meaningful difference in your durability. My current runemaster has over 1k ward per second and less than 1k health; for lightning aegis to do anything I’d have to gain it on every single spellcast.

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