Lightning Aegis + conversion to cold

Hey mates

I wonder if Lightning Attunement node in Lightning Blast tree works (I mean if it gives extra 50% damage) when I converted LB to cold spell via Rune of Winter passive?

No that doesn’t work, since Lightning Aegis itself is a external buff that can be obtain by various different sources(for example other skill spec trees or idols).

And Lightning Aegis itself specificly gives increased lighting damage + the damage reduction.

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No, but only because damage conversion happens before modifiers are applied.

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Oh that sucks…thanks mates anyway.

Yeah, this isn’t PoE where you get to double dip on damage increases & conversion.

Screw double dip, the issue here is only half useful node when conversion occurs. Not only Rune of Winter affects that, but also as I suppose Supercharged Floes node as well (at least tooltip for SF clearly mentions that). This is a bit flawed skill/effect design.

A solution here might be replace Lightning Aegis with Elemental Aegis which grants 50% increased elemental damage instead of lightning damage. This not only would help with damage type conversion, but also would combo nicely with non-lightning skills as a buff.

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Yeah, I think converting all of the lightning-based affects to cold would be a reasonable idea, that way Rune of Winter/Supercharged Floes would convert Lightning Aegis to Cold Aegis giving increased cold damage. But would/should that also convert spark charge into a cold-based version?

Well, Rune of Winter/Supercharged Floes clearly state they change Lightning Blast to cold skill. If it is supposed to change to be cold-based, then ALL aspects of the skill should become cold I think, otherwise we have (as in current state) half-converted skill with anti-synergies in tree. Well, also Divergence node should be changed in that case, and give +2 base cold damage instead of +2 base lightning damage.

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I you mouse over the spell, you will see converted LB now has keyword Cold and no longer has keyword Lightning. That’s how you can tell these things.

Exactly! I’m still confused on this. I took the cold node, thinking all the lightning skill stuff added up but made it cold damage. That all the stats in my gear regarding lightning stats just got converted to cold damage/output. Now as I’m reading this, all the stuff regarding lightning damage is worthless

Yes, Rune of Winter specifies that it only affects specific skills.

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