Lightless dungeon and multiplayer

So i did lightless dungeon with some friends, and we found out that only one person can buy perks from the vault, but just for himself, the others doesn’t get the boosted loot. I don’t know if we did something wrong or this is how it works, but in case i think it would be nice that everyone get his instanced vault after the boss

It’s a balancing measure. The person who provides the key and the gold is the one that gets the rewards. Just run it a few more times, you’re already getting a massive benefit of having multiple people in the boss fight in case you get hit or clipped and die

last time i did it, even if you are in a party and you die, you spawn in the city and lose all the loot, so it is still a benefit having multiple people in the boss fight, but it is also balanced because if you die you are out like as solo. The unfun part is to do the dung 4 times to get the vault just once if you playing with 3 other friends. A better way would be that erveryone must put a key to get in but also everyone get their own vault

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