Lightless arbor's first phaseT4 ridiculously OP for non tank builds/classes?

Am I the only one who find Lightless arbor’s FIRST phase ridiculously op ?
Because am ok getting one shot with the big smash, but getting one shot from falling spawn just because I have to put the amber light a bit further away is insane.
For reference, I have 2.5K hp, sure it’s not a lot but the physical mitigation that I have should be enough considering that I can do 300+ corruption with no issue.
Armor 3K => 50% mitigation
Endurance 43%
Endurance Threshold 600
Chance to get glancing blow over 130%
Dodge rating 1700-2000+
Dodge chance 50-70% (depending if I move/if smoke bomb)

I have no issue with my damage but it’s irrelevant in the first phase…
At this point it feels like I will never be able to get the dungeon items unless I create a new character. Let alone farming the dungeon to try to get more LPs…