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Lightless Arbor suggestion. ( improvement )

There is much loot dropping in there if you spend a decent amount of gold.
The problem with that is that is you can see much of the loot since there are so much loot names that many of them are even outside the screen.

You can pick it up to get a better overwiev since you can´t even hold 25% of the loot. (and this is even with lootfilter on )
There are 3 options to this. Either put a mercant in there to sell all the useless, or put our storage in there or lastly an option in inventory to destroy items. As it is now its just a big screen mess with no decent solution to look through the loot.

Don’t take away the only screen filling loot explosion in the game. I love seeing a mass pile of loot that I GET to sort through.


To be fair though, have you seen what it looks like when you drop 2+mil gold in there?

I like loot explosions but that does rather take the wind out of the sails when you realize you gotta try to comb through such a chaotic mess.

True i used 3 mill in there and it was so chaotic I almost leaved without looking at the loot. But i managed to get through it even tho I couldn’t pick most of it up. I bet I missed some items, but that why I want some sort of option to either delete or sell items in there, so you eventually can see what there was in the room.

Personally I think that they should base the visible drops on your level but give you the option to show all.